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A. Margaine, ‘le Demi-Sec’, Demi-Sec

£42.00 GBP

Producer: A. Margaine

Cuveé: le Demi-Sec

Grape(s): 88% Chardonnay / 12% Pinot Noir

Vintage: NV

Dosage: Demi-sec 

ABV: 12%

This is one of the most beautiful expression of a demi-sec Champagne.  Margaine’s Demi-Sec is based on the same blend as his Brut but with a dosage, in this case, of 33 g/l. This is rich and creamy, whilst still retaining fresh and flirty acidity to stop it from being overly cloying. It’s a great match for richly sauced dishes and cheese.

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