Thanksgiving Traditions

This year, I’m preparing a Thanksgiving dinner for my kids to make sure they keep the American tradition going in my household. And because Thanksgiving is always on a Thursday, James is never at home. So, I always invite as many people as possible because frankly, it's really hard to cook for just one adult and two little kids.

I am extremely thankful for the childcare that I have received which has helped me to go back to work. So, I have invited our current nanny and also our past nanny to celebrate Thanksgiving with us. And this year, I'll be drinking Jeaunaux-Robin, Les Grands Nots with my turkey, a beautiful bottle with a brioche-like character and notes of green apple, peach and crushed stones.

Thanksgiving is also very special house, because as soon as we see Santa at the end of the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade in NYC, we know it marks the official start of Christmas so decorations can go up, Christmas music can be played and our Christmas wardrobe can be worn!

For your Thanksgiving and festive dinners, I recommend JL Vergnon's Eloquence, a crowd-pleaser and R.H. Coutier's Cuvée Henri III, a lovely bottle to pair with food.

Happy Thanksgiving!