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2021 Champagne Harvest

2021 has been a hopeful year for all of us. Over in Champagne , however, they were faced with more challenges than we all did in 2020. My iPhone weather app always contains the weather forecast for Reims, and as I meticulously followed it every day this year, I saw the ups and downs of my dear friends. Champagne was faced with early spring frost followed by torrential rain fall. The images of vineyards posted on Instagram by many Champagne growers were hauntingly heart-breaking. Vines in need of sun In early April, all regions of Champagne were hit by two consecutive nights of bitter frost. That frost took away 20%-80% (depending on location) of the early buds. Pinot Meunier and...

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Mother's Day

I am ashamed to admit this, but I never truly appreciated how strong and amazing my mother is until I became a mother myself. Don’t get me wrong, I always admire my mother, her positive attitude to life, her never-ending energy, her warmth to all those around her, and the kindness that she showed - not just her family - but to everyone else that may be lucky to cross her path. However, it wasn’t until I had a daughter myself that I truly understood the strength, courage and will power it takes to become a mother. I count myself incredibly lucky to be a woman and to be able to experience challenges in life that I know will make...

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No matter what rules are placed upon us this holiday season, we shouldn’t forget that Christmas is a time for laughter and time for cheers. We may not be able to have large family gatherings (which might be a blessing for some of us), but we can still have drunken nights over board games and leftover turkey. Champagne is always a staple in our family Christmas tradition. We always have Champagne on Christmas Eve whilst stuffing our faces with Tesco’s Finest Christmas canapes. Christmas morning starts with Champagne as we open a present for each family member. Then Christmas dinner opens with prawn cocktails and Champagne. More Champagne throughout dinner (as I find Champagne as the best wine to please...

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