Bubbleshop by Sandia Chang

Cédric Bouchard, Roses de Jeanne, RDJ 2, Brut Nature

£990.00 GBP
 Producer: Cédric Bouchard, Roses de Jeanne

Cuveé: RDJ 2

Grape(s): not specified

Vintage: not specified

Dosage: Brut Nature

ABV: 12.5%

 This is the newest release from Cedric Bouchard. The purpose of this cuvee is for people to enjoy his wines without the prejudice of what variety, which vineyard and which vintage. He has not and will not disclose that is in the bottle. It could be back vintages of his own stock or something completely different. Only 300 bottles released. Perhaps one day he will release what was bottled in each cuvee he released. Until then, here's his second ever release!

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