Those that know me know that I always say 'never wait for an occasion to drink Champagne'. However, I do also say, 'never let an occasion go wasted without Champagne'.

So, what better time of year to drink Champagne than now!

And I’m not just talking about Christmas Eve, Christmas Day or New Year’s Eve. There are so many opportunities (or excuses) to get festive on the sparkle juice. OH, let me count the ways… 


For those that brave the traditional way of shopping for Christmas (by cramming in the tubes, standing in queues, and rubbing shoulder to shoulder with equally grumpy pedestrians), I have just the Champagne for you to look forward to when you come home. Keep a bottle of Françoise Bedel “Origin’elle” in the fridge. The ripe stone fruits and creaminess with butter biscuits is definitely the reward you‘ll need.

Decorating The Tree

Getting the tree, pulling out the decorations from last year and untangling fairy lights definitely calls for a festive drink! This is the time to get on the happy side of Christmas mood. Open a bottle of Dhondt-Grellet, “D’ans un Premier Temps”. It has lovely freshness intertwined with nice nutty maturity from the solera.  Here is a Champagne that helps mark the occasion and gives you that magical elf dust.

Present Wrapping

Whether you are one that enjoys wrapping presents, or you despise folding corners and cutting tape, drinking a good Champagne makes it painless (and also boosts inactivity!). I suggest drinking a bottle of Georges Laval, “Garennes. With herbaceous notes, wild flowers and cobnuts, it's not a Champagne that requires too much contemplating, so you can do two things at once. It is proven (by me) that after a bottle, your bow-tying skills will be the talk of the family.

Christmas Eve

In my family, our Christmas Eve tradition is to enjoy a feast of Tesco's Finest pre-made canapés. It's the night before the big day, when no one wants to be stressing out about cooking or cleaning. Instead, it's a night to relax, sit around the Christmas tree, and make sure all the presents are ready for the big morning. It's the right occasion to splurge on a bottle of Marie Courtin, “Concordance”, which is full of warm winter spices hugging you like a light cashmere throw blanket.

Christmas Day

Those that have read Christmas my blog from last year know already how to drink six bottles of Champagne on Christmas Day. In case you missed it and you're up for the challenge, you can read it here. There should always be a particularly special bottle to be opened on Christmas Day. This year I will be drinking and recommending a bottle of Emmanuel Brochet “Les Hauts Meunier” 2013. This 100% vintage bottle of pure Pinot Meunier is super refined, dense and complex. It's a great white wine rather than Champagne. 

Boxing Day

Boxing Day, in my mind, is always for visiting relatives and having left overs sandwiches and cheese. The Jean-Marc Sélèque “Solessence” is perfect for this day. It's a crowd pleaser for those distant relatives, and also for the random variety of food that will be consumed on the day.

Post Christmas Sale Shopping

I salute those who do this. Such forward thinkers and so organised. You definitely deserve a drink and I will toast you with a bottle of a nice chilled bottle of Tarlant “L’Aerienne Prestige Rosé” 2004. It's a brilliant aged vintage rosé that has aromas of freshly baked Victoria sponge, sweet spices, marzipan and caramelised apricots.

Post Christmas Gloom

When all the hype is over and turning on the Christmas tree light seems to be an afterthought, have a bottle of Jeaunaux Robin “Eclats de Meulière” in stock in case you need a pick me up. Its electric freshness is like fresh snowflakes on your eyelashes. Here’s a bottle that can lift your spirit and keep the festivities going. I mean, there are only a few more days till we have a real excuse to drink again so hang in there!

New Year’s Eve

Always go big or go home on New Year’s Eve. Magnums, magnums, magnums! We’ve got a selection of great magnums on our shop! Drink, drink, drink and be merry! Happy New Year!